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Bootlegs & Remixes: Get Em Here

With recent changes to the copyright world, Soundcloud has taken certain measure to protect the artists, and SwaZy is down… SO i have removed most of the bootlegs, and remixes that might infringe on these rights.. to ensure that SwaZy Studios is compliant with that ish.. So if you wanna download any of my remixes I will post them neatly here for your downloading pleasure.. Enjoy

All Links are my personal Links…

If I missed any please feel free to send me a shout !!



Nighttunes features my latest Remixes

Quick update here, the great guys at Nighttunes have featured my latest 3 remixes on their fine site. The post ft’s ‘Embrace, Flashback, and the preview for my latest banger, Save The World (PS Remix)… These guys are one of the finest blog sites out there, and I say that running two blogs haha, Give these guys your full support as they support upcoming artists like Bounce Radio does…