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New Music: Forget Falling & ANUDAY (Original Mixes)

Welcome 2012, with the new year comes new sound… First up I have a single titled: Forget Falling … a progressive track with a big room sound… I’m really excited about this one, trying to get a remix done with a indie/alternative swing on it. Check out the preview here:






                                      Next up is a track that has really been a inspiration to me in itself. This song embodies my new mantra for this year, ANUDAY is a House / Electro song that has unlimited potential to be remolded, I’ll be busting out a remix of this one as well, and be looking to get some remixes from other artists, so stay tuned:


Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (SwaZy’s Brace-Lift) * preview *

Another Radio smash has gotten a SwaZy Brand face-lift. I’m thinking of naming this remix the “Braces FTW Remix” … or maybe SwaZy’s Brace-Lift haha

Feedback as always, is more than welcome… Look for the full remix coming soon, Free Download

Kaskade & Adam K – Raining (Phat SwaZy Remix) *Rough Preview*

NEW!! A rough mixdown of my latest remix for the KAskade / Adam K Remix Contest for ‘Raining’ … Enjoy

New Track Preview: ‘Starfox’

*UPDATED* Jan 28th


The Empire Strikes back…


Another late Friday night, working on yet another remix. This is something im really proud of, I spent a decent amount of time putting this beast together, taking the original melody from the Euro-Pop / House blended original single, and put my spin on it… Built form scratch with big room, progressive / electro elements – I’m just sending this puppy into mastering… I’ll have a extended preview of this Saturday.. peace out…

Preview: New Original Track


So ive been hard at work on my first single, titled ‘ LOST IN TRANZ/LATION’ … working on the mastering right now, so it should be mixed down real soon, then im gonna see if it has what it takes to get signed. I have high hoped for this track, already got some ideas for a Remix, and Vocal mixes… this is the start of a new direction here.. I hope you all enjoy…

Preview: Heartbreak on Vinyl (beta version)

Been working on this edit off and on for a week, I need to add some more layers but for those who wanna keep in touch with what im up to here you go… almost the full track …

Coming Soon: 2 New Remixes (Preview inside)

Been working on this lil electro-house gem for a couple weeks now off&on. This is kinda like a big Remix for me, as the Muttonheads are the first artists that I remixed all the way back in early 2009. So from ‘Shine Blue’ to this I can hear alot of growth as an artist in my music. I hope you enjoy this remix, the full version should be out in a week or two max. Im also working on another remix for the Danish Dj Rune RK called ‘RAW’ it’s a epic Big Room track that will have clubs bumping for awhile… in the mean time here’s a preview of ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’

New Remix Preview…

Ok….so it’s only 40 seconds, and it’s shot on my iphone… but the ful mix will be available on the weekend so check this out in the mean time… Cheers!