Goodbye HP Laptop of Power… Hello new beginnings.

Last week, I had some weird idea to do a post of every track I had made from 2007 til today… Little did I know that by doing that online backup of all my music, that I would essentially give myself a cloud storage back-up of all my music. This past Friday, I start having issues with my laptop.. home-base of SwaZy Studios lol.. After checking up, I came to the conclusion I needed to back up what I could, and start looking for a new Fortress of Awesomeness. I got some tracks I’ve been working on as well as some of my projects, midi and other goodies.. this just goes to show kiddies… Back-up your shit… seriously… If it wasnt for my 500gig External HD and my 5 memory sticks… I would be crying right now… Instead i’m kinda happy.. I feel like this is a new beginning… I still have most of my old software…stems and all my goodies… lost alot of music but that just gives me a new start…



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