Dubstep: Don’t Be Afraid… It doesn’t bite too hard

Over the past year I’ve been expanding my musical tastes, getting into a lot of older music… and some newer ones as well.. One style that has been rocking the globe, and that is Dubstep. Alot of people hate it, while others love it… You know it’s EDM (electronic dance music) if it polarizes people in such a manner.. There’s a handfull of artists making really quality dubstep out there right now and I thought I might try to tune you onto some…

First up is a very fresh group from my hometown, Montreal, called ‘Adventure Club (Dubstep)’ and they have quite frankely taken the world by storm, gaining worldwide recognition for putting out some of the hottest remixes this year… and the best part is they are remixing songs you may never of tried to listen to before… which for someone like me, who is usually in one circle of music, is a great way to expose myself to all sorts of diff genres. Here is a sample of some of the work they have been doing lately.

Flight Facillities – Crave You (Adventure Club Remix)

James Vincent McMorrow – We Don’t Eat (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

Next up is a dude named Killa Graham, who as of this week… has made me able to tollerate Young Money’s Drake & Lil Wayne… Ya I know… but this guy’s remix really destroys it.. For real… Check it out.. Download if u wish – Hit em up on Twitter if you enjoy it http://twitter.com/KillaGraham

Prolly my faveorite artist making dubstep right now is Nero, They have collabed wit alot ofartists, and almost everything they touch is golden. Fro their new single ‘Promises’ which features a great remix collab with Skrillex; to their remx of Plan B’s The Recluse’ to working with the BBC Philharmonic …this is a group that knows how to make people move..

No embedding Soundloud links for these guys, but check out these links


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