November New’s and Updates: Lost In Tranz (Vocal Mix), Boogie & PJNU 2K11

What’s going on folks, Alot of big things coming from me this month… Octber was an amazing month, as I put some finishing touches and got some epic vocals on my first single. Also I completed one of my best remixes in Empie. But I like to look forward, not back – and what lies forward is another busy ass month – and when Im busy, Music comes from that…

I’ve got 3 songs in the works right now, 2 remixes – The first is my take on a classic Houe Anthem, you may of heard of it – Pjanoo by Eric Prydz. With such a classic, you wanna keep true to the original but make it your own at the same time. I’ll have a proper preview of it as soon as possible. The next remix is a nice lil track called ‘Boogie’ by HiJack & Brabe and It’s sWaZy’s first stab in Tech-House, but this oe is definetly on the Funky side.

Lastly is my first original single, Lost In Tranzlation. This single has taken a life of it’s own, crossing the ‘pond’ to Ireland and back to get some amazing vocals on it by a singer named ‘Kloe Humm’    … Stay tuned cuz I will have previews of this really soon… Thank you


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