House Music 4 Life Official Podcast: Cristi & friends (feat Phat sWaZy)

T.E.N.D: The Energy Never Dies By Phat Swazy by Phat Swazy on Mixcloud

What’s going on everyone? Well it was a bit of a busy week for myself – pushed out two mixes and been working on some new material. I gotta say i’ve been enjoying myself alot with the work ive been doing, I hope you all enjoy the music as much as I do. This next mix was something that happened on the fly sorta, Cristi from the stellar EDM blog House Music 4 Life reacted out for guest spots for the official HM4L Podcast (check out the original article on their banging blog: Click Here). I got back to him and put together a quick 34 min mix of pretty much brand new material, some progressive, alot of Dutch house.. The mix is 320 kbps and is awaiting your grooving… Enjoy

Download Link (Zippyshare): T.E.N.D: The Energy Never Dies by Phat sWaZy

About NRG Entertainment (Phat SwaZy)

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  1. very good music !

    thank you…

    (good luck)

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