A day in the life…

Today is Wednesday, Game 7 of the Hab’s / Penguins and a bit of a crossroads type of day for me…

I just finished up working on my remix for MOGUAI’s latest hit ‘NYCE’ and im feeling a bit depleated creatively speaking. I have tracks that I have ideas for but not much in terms of tangible progress. On the bright side there are two house mixes in the works, one is for my PROMO mix ‘A Sunshine State of Mind’ and is fully arranged and ready to be recorded. The other is one of those random day mixes that I just pull out of my ass and somehow turns out sounding not so shabby, I’ve titled it after my motto ‘Love.Life.Live’ it should be available sometime this weekend.

On the bright side, my friend from overseas Danyo Wallem and his brother “The Wallem Bros” have released a gem of a track, it will be featured in my new mix that I mentioned before… The track is called “Green Onions”


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