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This lil beast can basically handle all the midi work that alot of people pay big $$ for. Richie Hawtin recently switched up his setup to 2 of these puppies and a Allen & Heath XONE 92 mixer… From what I hear they are quite hard to get your hands on these days, but as soon as I can Im getting myself one..


This is more likely than not the new setup I’m going to purchase. It basically gives you the ability to control CDS, USB drives and control software through a laptop – in other words its a poor mans Pioneer CDJ 900 without the name and do-dads.. One of these with a Traktor X1 and one of these puppies …

The Allen & Heath XONE 1d… Gives you the ability to control 4 channels… What i hope to acomplish with this and the TRAKTOR Kontrol x1 is the capicity to control all 4 channels in software while having the cds and usb drives on the mixdeck, so basically the potential of 6 different channels, but most likely ill use the mixdecks cds/usb for backup since all my mixing can be done with the 1D and X1…


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