Website’s sWaZy couldn’t live without..

Most people live life through a series of routines, for example: you wake up, you shower, you eat your breakfast, you brush your teeth, go to work – eat lunch, finish up at work come home relax eat dinner, watch tv, surf the net and go to bed…That might sound a bit genereic but you get the picture…

The daily grind of a musician/dj/artist or any creative person isn’t too much different (with exception to the hours of course haha). My routine usually begins with a check of a couple things involving my day job, but once im all caught up or finished, I go into sWaZy mode and get rolling on my audible routine. This starts with a daily sweep of my blogroll, checking to see if there are any new tunes that I couldnt live without, then I get onto a couple of blogs that feature new remixes contests. These have become a steady aspect to my routine as im always looking for new stems to remix or just enjoy. Several times a week I check out a site that has become a temple of sorts for me. It’s called DjTechTools and it’s a blog of epic proportions by founder Ean Golden. I thought I might share all my favorite links with you the reader, be a dj, producer, fan, family  …

Dj / Producer Links:

Remix Stem / Contests:

House / Electro Blogs:

Some other random links:


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