A Sunshine State of Mind…

Coming soon is a special promo mix from Phat sWaZy !

As some of the listeners of Dirrty Dancin’ / 2Rowdy4Radio & The Hip-Hot Mix may have noticed lately, I haven’t been keeping up with my weekly & bi-weekly podcasts. I’m sorry about that, I’ve been focusing on m production and other ventures to get my name out in other aspects of EDM. But do’t fret, this doesn’t mean i’m pulling the plug on my mixes, I just needed some time away from it to get some creative juices flowing… and since the spring air is very inspiring, I’ve come up with a 2+ hour mega mix, Part 1 is Hip-Hop, featuring some of the hottest tracks out right now, mixed with some great recent club hits. Part 1 will be released sometime this week, and Part 2: House is in the final stages of arrangement, I hope to record and have it out by the weekend… The compilation is titled “A Sunshine State of Mind”. I’ll have the mixes uploaded on my podcast pages and will have 320 kbps download links available as well… I hope you all will enjoy it


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