Hit…then Run…

What’s going on folks…

Been busy juggling my jobs this week… working on music while lookign for good trades (Day Trader by day)… and it’s got me pulled in all sorta directions. But the show must go on… and progression must be made. That being said, here is my latest upload (I say this because the remix isn’t my newest but I had to wait to post this sucker). The song is called ‘House Hit’ by AndT – The sounds in this song are right up my alley, strong synths – and a whole lotta different ways to beef up the bassline. I added my own lil flair on the drums and kicks… I hope you all enjoy.. this may be the last remix you hear for a lil while lol, gotta get back into studio lockdown … Enjoy it everyone..

AndT – House Hit (sWaZy’s Hit & Run Remix) by Phat sWaZy

Here is my latest edition of 2ROWDY 4RADIO – Episode 6: WMC 2010
Featuring new music from ImanoS, Fred Lilla, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Max Vangeli and Much more…

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