Steve Angello + New Mix Series

What’s poppin,
Well as you might of read, Im looking to start a new mix series showcasing my wide range of electro/house tracks I enjoy, so starting January 2010 Im gonna be starting a new podcast called ‘2 Rowdy 4 Radio’. Like its title it’s gonna be way too rowdy for my normal mixes so It will have its own new home that I hope will share the same success that Dirrty Dancin’ has enjoyed in its 76 episodes. Check out the Ad Image
Click here, or Check out the player below if you wanna check out the Dirrty Dancin’ Episode which previews the sorta tunes ur gonna hear on this new mix.

Next up I got a nice lil collection from one of my fave producers in the House Arena right now, Steve Angello… Enjoy this diverse selection of tunes from the Swedish House Mafia Hitman..


Go to Get These Tracks Get This Player

//—————- END DEFECTED PLAYER —————–


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