Mau5in it up….

sWaZy is back at it again, this time it’s another Mash-up (or should I call it a Mau5 up?). After last Friday’s epic live show by Toronto native Deadmau5 – I felt really inspired to get my ass back to making stellar tunes. So I’ve couped myself up in my studio to get started on some remixes and mash-ups. I’m happy to say that I have 2 brand new Remixes for contests that are near to completion and I’m really excited to submit them and see how I fair. In between those original works I’ve been on my mash-up grind working on a new David Guetta mash-up and the one I’m shamelessly promoting now.. Deadmau5 vs Himself (sWaZy style)
The title is called ‘Move for my Ghosts & Stuff’ and as the title suggests it’s a mash of Ghosts & Stuff vs Move For Me… and I’m my very biased opinion – it’s HOT… So without further adieu here it is… ready for download in its highest quality for my phans… I hope you enjoy..
stay tuned for new remixes of Sander Van Doorn, ROYKSOPP and much much more…
sWaZy out….

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