2 Remixes down, 2 more to go ..

What’s going on… well with the remix for Steve Angello’s Tivoli done and ready to be critiqued by a panel of house heads… I thought it would be best to keep the momentum rolling and find some more work to do… Enter: 1am this morning, I found my way to getting two more remix packs (3 technically buuuut I’m focusing on 2 of them for now. The first is Zoot Woman´s upcoming release “We Wont Break” from the upcoming Zoot Woman Album. It’s an interesting electro/rock tune which I’m gonna bring the electro and make it rock. The second is another new artist to me, his name is Blumenkraft with his new single ‘Skinny B!tch’ which is right up my alley. Both of these remixes should be completed and made available by the end of the month… sWaZy out..
P.S. Here’s the video for my remix “Tivoli (Phat sWaZy’s dub with Love)”

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