Let’s Celebrate: NEW MIX !!

DOWNLOAD NOW: Phat sWaZy – Dirrty Dancin’ – Episode 63 – Celebration

Mix Info:

Probably one of my most bipolar mixes to date… This week was busy with me working on a remix for a contest held by Steve Angello for a song called “Tivoli”, be sure to listen up for that track to be premiered on a future episode of DD. So with a remix on one side and an episode of Dirrty Dancin’ on the other, I sat down today, and churned out something that I have to say fit my mood today. Enjoy…

  1. Wolfgang Gartner Vs La Roux – Yin for the Kill (Dave Spoon & Steve Angello)
  2. Klaas – Make You Feel (Paz Yenni Remix)
  3. Seth Vogt – Leave Me Lonely (BSOD Remix)
  4. Bob Sinclar feat Shabba Ranks – Love You No More (Nicola Fasano Remix)
  5. Mika – We Are Golden (Bob Sinclar Remix) bass out
  6. Smashing Pumpkins – Disarm (Randy Boyer Remix)
  7. Le Castle Vania – Zero Machine
  8. Kelevra – Love You So (Mightyfools Remix)
  9. Madonna – Celebration (Benassi Remix)

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– it’s updated daily, and It will give you an inside look at the tunes im currently into..

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