Welcome to My World

Afternoon folks, and welcome to my personal blog, Waking up sWaZy (kinda a play on words to waking up crazy). Some of you might be wondering what differences will this blog have from Bounce Radio (Blog/TV) ? Well the simple answer is….about every differnece possible.

Up until now, my blogs have focuses on either shamelessly promoting my own mixes or promoting new up and coming producers with very sick tracks. This isn’t going to be a blog like that with the exception of maybe posting some random really good old songs I might be jamming to while posting. This blog is gonna be about what’s going on in the life of sWaZy aka me. I wanna give the listeners a chance to get to know what I do and how I roll on a day to day basis….now I’m available on this new Twitter business (@PhatSwazy) but I can never find myself able to update my on goings in 140 characters or less, I mean, you gotta be updating your snacks for that….so I started this….in hopes that I can maybe sell a movie script off it haha naah its all for love…

So as my first post winds to a close…as I have to get my week rolling (@ 4pm Monday lol) I’ll leave you with these words……..


About NRG Entertainment (Phat SwaZy)

Author of: Rutti Tutti Foodie blog CV Wealth Management blog Love music, Food and day trading

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